The Women’s March was a worldwide protest against bigotry, misogyny, and discrimination that took place on the 21st January 2017.

The Women’s March was born in the United States following the election of Donald Trump. Upset and alarmed by the bigoted, sexist, and hateful rhetoric of his campaign, people took to the streets following his inauguration to show their support for those marginalised and threatened by regressive political agendas


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Robin Covington: Co-Founder and on the Board of Directors of the Women’s March Iowa. She was born in Chicago and moved with her family to Iowa during her senior year. After spending several years working as a flight attendant Robin began getting active in her community by becoming a foster and eventually adoptive parent. Motivated by a desire to correct injustices she saw in her community she became active in many online forums dealing with transracial adoption. This lead her to become more active in the Black Lives Matter movement. She currently moderates or admins several large social media groups for different organizations.


Vice President

Nadia Ali: Co-Founder and on the Board of Directors of Women’s March Iowa. Sudanese-American Muslim woman, community organizer, civil rights and social justice activist and a long time social media dissident. She developed a sense for social justice early in her life. She is Microbiology lab-technician and volunteers with many community-based organizations.
Through her work, she has become a public speaker and social media commentator, being featured in numerous local and international media outlets for her social justice activism. She has also received awards and honors for her work such as it would be an honor to contribute to such a well-regarded and dedicated organization that is dedicated to empowering women, defending civil liberties and building partnerships that promote justice and understanding.


Vice President

Kim Weaver: Co-Founder and on the Board of Directors of Women’s March Iowa. She has extensive experience in volunteering for Iowa Democratic campaigns.  In 2016 she ran for US House of Representatives- Iowa’s 4th District. She works as a long-term care ombudsman, an advocate for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living programs. In 2017 she launched PAC for POWER (Progressives Organizing to Win Every Race).  The purpose this cycle will be to defeat Representative Steve King.




Yana Reid: Co-Founder and on the Board of Directors of Women’s March Iowa. Ceramic Artist, Grant Writer, Political Activist and Organizer. She is devoted to her indigenous heritage and preservation of her people’s traditional teachings.




Morgan Schutterle Co-Founder and on the Board of Directors of Women’s March Iowa. She’s an Iowa native and graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. In her spare time, she contributes skills such as event planning and graphic design to grassroots groups like WMIA and Indivisible Iowa. She’s passionate about bettering herself as an activist, advocate for the LGBTQ community and has a seemingly never-ending list of books and articles on various issues and topics.



On January 21, 2017, people of all backgrounds–women and men and gender nonconforming people, young and old, of diverse faiths, differently abled, immigrants and indigenous–came together, 5 million strong, on all seven continents of the world. We were answering a call to show up and be counted as those who believe in a world that is equitable, tolerant, just and safe for all, one in which the human rights and dignity of each person is protected and our planet is safe from destruction. Grounded in the nonviolent ideology of the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s March was the largest coordinated protest in U.S. history and one of the largest in world history.

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